Our time of an information oriented society and diversifying values:

Our company will offer many proposals to create our future on the basis of analyses of individuals and corporate activities, which is made as the point of origin
Based in every point on nature and humans, following absolute existence and changing relative values, we are elaborating to find new relationships between land and humans in our local history overlapped with the dreaming future.

Our ways of business are eagerness, sincerity, originality and fresh spirit, and our company culture is bright, free, and constructive.
                                                    This is
City Appraisal.co.ltd.





 Representative Director:
                           Isamu Sakamoto
January, 1952 Birth
After dedicating to the Ministry of   Finance,
   I established City Appraisal. co.ltd. (former   Toshikantei, co.ltd.) in   March, 1990
Representative director of Cooperative   Appraisal Network


    ►►Specialty fields of study in Appraisal and Compensation
        Appraisal evaluation of special divide land, Limited pricing, Research of         development and decline of cities and rural districts
Soil contamination
           Sub lease
           Continued rent 

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  4-27-13, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  Tel: 03-5411-8081 Fax:03-5411-8092

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