It is necessary to grasp the current price of fixed assets.
  Decrease accounts are referred to the accounting system which imposes a duty of loss appropriation of the difference with book-value when the profitability of a company’s fixed assets falls remarkably so that the asset value is lowered than the book-value. Its applicable targets are the property for enterprises used by itself, such as land and building of the head office or branches, and production facilities of factories, and real estates investments such as a lease building.
  Taking advantage of experience cultivated for years and abundant data accumulated within us, our company will provide very careful and meticulous supports for matters from a grasp of the signs of decrease by experts up to decrease accounts.

For making prompt action on decrease accounts
By objective and proper evaluation by experts, our company will provide investors with exact information so as to acquire their credible reliance, and help our clients enable to be suitable for managerial judgment.


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