Under the acquisition-cost principle
Current price falls more remarkably (50% or more) than its acquisition
There is no chance that current price will be recovered almost to its
       acquisition price  within a considerable period.


  Compulsive devaluation
   (It is applied from the term settlement of accounts ended March, 2001)
Our company will helpful in judgment about the possibility of recovery,
   checking company’s calculation results on current prices, and real estate
  Still, current price evaluation is in effect from the term ended March, 2006
  (or the term ended March, 2004, by company’s judgment) according to a
   grasp of net sale prices in the decrease accounts.




Specification of the kind of real estate
Determining the price time
Displaying content of real estate
Decision on the kind of value evaluation

Making inquiry reports

Decision on the method of current
price evaluation

Decision on necessary matters for
determination of current evaluated
prices and evaluation of values other
than the market value




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