The new 21st century just has come. What does your company, and what do you bet on?
On yourself! Then on what?
Does your company associate with a real professional partner? Real professionals do not flatter their clients!
shall be satisfied to the result of our elaborated work.
While risk aversion of financial assets has recently attracted a great deal of public attention, please trust our company with your risk aversion of real estate.





 Real estate appraisal

Real estate appraisal evaluation
A full-scale report analyzing real estate in detail
(In case of presenting a public organization with an exculpation or proof data) 

 Simple investigations on
                real estate prices

Simple investigations on real estate prices, etc
 Reasonable reports only on the main point

 Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting
Contents in detail are as follows: 

 Support system for the
  payment-in-kind application

Support system for the payment-in-kind application
Consulting services are provided by a former specialist (a real estate appraiser) of the payment-in-kind office work in the Financial Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, and in the Ministry of Local Finance Bureaus.  

 FP support system

FP support system
FP support system for real estate appraisers 

 Support system for utilization of
 fixed-term lease and a financial
 corporation loan

Support system for utilization of fixed-term lease and financial corporation loan
Real estate appraisers belonging to the Consult department of our company will wait on. 



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